About the Author

Laura Strait is a wife to the most loving husband she could have and mother of three precious daughters.   Her time is filled by Lyme Disease, being an entrepreneur and owner of Feeding Essentials (www.feedingessentials.com), being a homeschool teacher to the kids and supporting victims of domestic violence.  She has more hobbies than she can count and more artistic sides yet to explore.  She’s freer than she’s ever been thanks to God’s astounding grace.  She knows her biggest failures may lie ahead, but weakness and frailty is where she sees that God sustains her most.  She struggles daily with the crushing effects of sin as debilitating pain, fatigue and fainting are her closest companions.  She’s thankful God chose to bless her with these weaknesses so He could be glorified more.  And most thankful of all for a husband that supports her in all her wild ideas, encourages her to persist on when everyone else says no, is strong enough to pick her up when she falls (both emotionally and physically) and manly enough to do laundry.  That takes a real man, people.



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